Portland Society Fund Application

Portland Society Fund


What it is:

Women seeking to develop their leadership and professional skills for use in promoting active transportation are encouraged to apply to the Portland Society Fund. Funds are available to support emerging leaders in active transportation in order to build skills or ease a professional transition.


The maximum grant award is $1,000 and grantees will be reimbursed for approved expenses with receipts.


Portland Society Fund grants can be applied to direct expenses of professional development programs, workshops, classes, and conferences that will improve your personal leadership capacity in active transportation.


For example, we might award funds to cover your tuition in a community college welding course if you plan to use those skills in founding a bike trailer library. We cannot, however, award funds for materials or staffing expenses for establishing the library.


Another example: You can apply for funding to attend a workshop on nonprofit mediation that will help you improve communication within your transit users advocacy group, but we cannot fund group operations or meeting expenses.


A few examples of how funds can be applied:

– Conference registration fees and/ or travel to conference

– Meeting facilitation training

– Bookkeeping class

– Grant writing workshop

– Bike building and maintenance classes

– Mercy Corps small business class


Application Criteria:

Applicants must:

– Be female or female-identified

– Be a resident of Portland, Oregon

– Attend at least one Portland Society meeting prior to applying to the fund

– Demonstrate financial need


Please note:

Board members of the Portland Society, members of the Portland Society Fund Committee, and board members of Umbrella are prohibited from applying for a grant.


How to apply:

Applicant must submit a letter of intent (no longer than two pages) stating her financial need for the funds, what matching investment she will be able to personally make, and how the training will allow her to promote active transportation in Portland. Applicants also must completely fill out application checklist. You find the application below.  Incomplete or late applications will not be considered and will not be “carried over” to the following funding cycle.


Applications must be submitted via email to breesa.culver@gmail.com by midnight on August 10th, 2012. There is only one funding cycle in 2012.


The Portland Society Fund Committee will meet within two weeks of the deadline to make funding decisions and applicants will be informed of their decision within three weeks of the submission deadline.


Reporting requirements:

All grantees must use their granted funds and make a presentation in a Portland Society meeting about their project or training within six months of the grant award. Receipts are required for all reimbursed expenses.










1. What is the program, class, workshop, or conference that you are requesting funding for?




2. How much funding do you need? Please include a simple budget. You may attach this separately as a spreadsheet.




3. How will you use what you learn to encourage community-based street culture and develop streets as vibrant, safe, and welcoming public spaces that serve communities?




4. How will your project benefit the community?




5. What is your timeline for using this money and putting what you have learned to use?




6. Tell us a little about yourself, particularly your interest and background in active transportation and community-based street culture.




7. Have you attended at least one Portland Society Meeting? What were some of your observations?


8. Are you committed to using your new skills/tools to promote active transportation in Portland?


9. Are you willing and available to make a presentation on your project within three months of completion in a regular Portland Society meeting?


10. Statement of financial need. Please tell us why you are applying for this scholarship (2-3 sentences) and complete the statement below.



I, _________, am applying for this scholarship because I do not have the available funds to ______________ without assistance.