April Meeting:
Kate Walker is the Communications Director at the Street Trust (formerly known as the Bicycle Transportation Alliance), and the winner of the Portland Society scholarship to attend the National Bike Summit in Washington DC in March.

Kate says:
“Bike Summit has been beyond amazing. I’ve never been to DC before, and until now, had never taken part in meeting face to face with legislators (or their staff really) to lobby for projects. I was so moved and felt so blessed the first moment our small but mighty Oregon delegation took our first walk across the Capitol plaza; and had no idea I’d feel all those feels (the bright sunshine could’ve come into play!). In short, I’m so thankful to have been given this opportunity to represent Oregon and the women of Portland Society at this year’s Bike Summit. I look forward to presenting my experience at the April meeting.”

  • Wednesday, April 5th, 8am-9am
  • April’s house!
    2129 SE Ladd Avenue, Portland, OR 97214
    Porch bike parking and rails along the back fence, too..
  • Coffee will be served


Odd-numbered months:
We meet at Nutcase Headquarters in the Ford Building at 2505 SE 11th Ave, Portland, on the second floor. The building is equipped with an elevator and an accessible bathroom. Wheelchair users, the main entrance on 11th Avenue is your best choice. Bicycles please lock up out front.

Even-numbered months:
We meet at the Bike Farm, located at 1810 NE First Ave, just north of Broadway. The space is on the ground floor and is accessible to wheelchair users. Bicycles are welcome inside.