September 5th – 8am meeting:

Our September presenter is Ayleen Crotty, who builds and promotes creative endeavors. She is the Founder and Festival Director of the Filmed by Bike film fest, the editor of and the owner of Handlebar Media, an agency specializing in social media marketing.

At this month’s Morning Meeting, Ayleen will present the concept and importance of forming and leaning on your own personal board of directors. Call us what you will and structure it however you like, but when you form a team of advisors you can lean on, you will flourish.

“I identify as stubborn; it took me most of my life to learn to take feedback – a journey that is only beginning but has been powerful. After 15 years of bullish perseverance, I am only now starting to find a lightness and comfort in the work I do, thanks in large part to my advisory board. We are all more powerful when we share knowledge and an advisory board can help you catapult to the success you dream of. How do you find and ask advisors, and what do they actually do? I will cover all that, and more.”

  • Ford Building
  • 2505 SE 11th Avenue
  • 1st floor conference room

    Odd-numbered months:
    We meet at the Ford Building at 2505 SE 11th Ave, Portland, conference room on the first floor. The building is equipped with an elevator and an accessible bathroom. Wheelchair users, the main entrance on 11th Avenue is your best choice. Bicycles please lock up out front.

    Even-numbered months:
    We meet at the Bike Farm, located at 1810 NE First Ave, just north of Broadway. The space is on the ground floor and is accessible to wheelchair users. Bicycles are welcome inside.

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    • 10 hours of volunteer work per year – more info here
    • sprout/sage discount: members aged under 25 or over 60: $25 per year

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