February 2014 morning meeting — Building Your Brand

“Building and Sustaining Your Brand”

Our February morning meeting will be on Wednesday the 3rd from 8-9am at the Bike Farm, 135 NE Schuyler, Portland. Members and prospective members are invited to attend.

Megan Amberson is a Strategic Planner currently working at Wieden+Kennedy. She is uber passionate about building brands and exploring how culture influences our relationship with the brands in our world. Before working at Wieden + Kennedy, Megan worked at NIKE in their consumer culture lab and at two advertising agencies DDB and Trailer Park in Los Angeles. Her specialities are identifying a brand, building a brand and sustaining a brand as it grows and evolves.

She will present on building a brand and the ideal way to use social media.

January Meetings — Taxes and Accessibility

We’re rolling into the new year with two excellent meetings — on the morning of January 8th and the evening of January 9th. Here’s the scoop:

This month’s meeting will be on January 8th from 8am to 9am. It’s the second Wednesday this month, since the first happens to fall on New Years Day. This one is at the Nutcase HQ on the second floor of the Ford Building. (2505 SE 11th Ave at Division). The space is fully wheelchair accessible. Coffee and treats provided. Members and potential members invited. (Facebook event here:

Our presenter this month is Jenna Goldin. She will go over some basic tips for figuring out how to organize your business income and expenses for tax season.

Here’s her bio: My name is Jenna Goldin. I’ve been working as a Licensed Tax Preparer in Portland, Oregon, for the past 3 years. I specialize in bookkeeping and tax prep for Small Businesses and Creatives. I currently work with Emily Kingan and Math LLC (

Our evening meeting this month will be on January 9th at 6:00pm. This meeting is at Flux, 412 NW Couch #222 (second floor, through a door to the right). (Feel free to follow this event on Facebook:

This event is open to the entire community. Light snacks will be served. Please feel free to bring your own non-alcoholic beverage. The space is wheelchair accessible and will have low lighting.

This event is open to the entire community. Light snacks will be served. Please feel free to bring your own non-alcoholic beverage. The space will be wheelchair accessible.

Our topic for January’s evening meeting is Accessibility. Our presenter is Cheryl Green, who will talk about what disability means, the basics of disability etiquette, what we can do in our own work to help create more equitable accessibility.

About our guest speaker:
Cheryl Green, MFA, MS integrates her degrees in performing arts and speech-language pathology to explore how story can be used to break down stigma and barriers. After a traumatic brain injury in 2010, she began making films that combine personal narrative and self-advocacy to create dynamic, artistic tools for Disability justice. She is on the board of Oregon Cultural Access and served on the board of Brain-injury Information Referral and Resource Development (BIRRDsong). She volunteers with Disability Art and Culture Project and National Black Disability Coalition. Cheryl’s mission with StoryMinders is to create a platform for people with brain injury to use the arts to increase connectedness within this often isolated population and to promote critical dialogue and change in the larger community.

During the evening’s presentation if you want to show your appreciation, please don’t clap. Cheryl has sound sensitivities. You can use the ASL sign for applause. Also, her peripheral vision is impaired, and she startles easily. So please approach her from the front instead of the side and make sure she always sees you before you touch her. No pats on the back or hugs from the side.

December 4th meeting: Verde

Our December meeting will be on Wednesday, Dec 4th from 8-9am at the new Bike Farm location, 1810 NE 1st Ave.

Members and prospective members are invited. Coffee and snacks will be served.

Alyssa Kocsis will talk about the work of Verde, organizing for equity and sustainability in the Cully neighborhood of Northeast Portland.

Verde serves communities by building environmental wealth through Social Enterprise, Outreach and Advocacy. Verde is by and of low-income communities in NE Portland’s Cully neighborhood, a neighborhood with more than its share of poverty, and less than its share of environmental assets.

Presenter bio: Alyssa Kocsis, Verde Training Liaison, is from New Paltz, New York. She graduated from Wheaton College with a dual major in Hispanic Studies and Studio Art and a minor in Comparative Political Science, and she moved to Portland in 2011. Alyssa has worked in ecotourism, ecoroof & solar panel installation and international exchange, and she got involved with sustainable development through Oregon Tradeswomen. Alyssa can also be found hiking, exploring and volunteering.

November 2013 meetings: Morning and evening

Morning meeting
November 6, 2013 at Nutcase HQ (2505 SE 11th Ave, 2nd Floor): Decoding Recycling for your Home and Office (Facebook event)

Lindsey Maser helps Portland businesses increase recycling and sustainability practices through the City’s Sustainability at Work program. As a certified Master Recycler, Lindsey is happy to answer all of your “what, where, why?” recycling questions. She can also suggest ways to be more water & energy efficient at home or work, and where to find Portland’s best resources for bigger projects, like turning your roof into a garden.

Evening meeting
November 14th, 6:00-7:30pm, Clever Cycles (900 SE Hawthorne). Family and cargo bicycling workshop with Clever Cycles co-owner Martina Fahrner.

Light snacks provided, kid-friendly venue. This event is open to the entire community. (Facebook event)

Both events and venues are fully wheelchair accessible. (The Nutcase office is on the 2nd floor of the Ford Building; go in the building’s main entrance and take the elevator up.) Please contact us with any accessibility requests or questions.

September, October, and November 2013 Meetings

Some of that Portland Society mojo must be in the air, because we are currently organized three months out! A few details are still falling into place (we’ll update this page as soon as they do), but go ahead and mark your calendars for our three upcoming meetings.

All meetings are Wednesdays and run from 8 to 9 in the morning.

September 4, 2013 at Nutcase HQ (2505 SE 11th Ave, 2nd Floor): Leadership and Communication (Facebook event)

Professional skills coach Gladys Boutwell will speak about leadership and communication. Here’s how she describes her talk:

Have you been in a meeting or a gathering you can see the person that people look to? Have you thought about what it takes to be that person? Did you know that 90% of those that have a negative impact on those that they lead do it unintentionally?

During this session, we will review laws of leadership and how your influence will determine your level of leadership. If you think that you have heard it before, you will agree that a refresher review of how you can use the laws to influence and lead others is beneficial.
After attending this session, you will have the foundation of the laws of leadership in order to:

Know how to P.L.A.N. A.H.E.A.D.
Know the 3 questions that followers ask of their leaders.
Understand the 6 qualities that help leaders gain respect.

More about the speaker:

Gladys Monroy Boutwell has a goal-oriented attitude, love of learning, and desire to give to others. This desire led her to become an International Transformational Leader and John Maxwell Team certified coach, trainer, and speaker under Make Your Own Road.

With almost 20 years in Corporate America and leading teams in a Fortune 500 company and in a non-profit, coupled with an MBA in International Business and Leadership & Management, Certified Payroll Professional, Certified Six Sigma Lean Process Improvement Green Belt, and a Distinguished Toastmaster, you have a well-rounded leader to serve you and provide you with the necessary tools to become a great connector and leader.

October 2, 2013 at Nutcase HQ (2505 SE 11th Ave, 2nd Floor): Intro to Equity Issues in Bicycle Advocacy (Facebook event)

Through her anthropological research on the multiple meanings of bicycling in Los Angeles, Adonia Lugo found that social justice has sometimes been narrowly defined in bike advocacy. How do we build a movement that considers bicycling’s effects beyond the space of the street? Adonia will give an overview of her bike projects in L.A., Seattle, and online, followed by a discussion of what role Portland can play in bike justice.

About the speaker:
Adonia E. Lugo is a bike anthropologist who experiments with changing transportation cultures. Adonia has co-founded City of Lights/Ciudad de Luces (now called Multicultural Communities for Mobility) and CicLAvia in Los Angeles, interviewed community leaders for the Seattle Bike Justice Project, crowdsourced a history of the L.A. bike movement, and co-founded the Bicicultures Research Network, which connects social scientists who study bicycling as a social and cultural phenomenon. A member of the League of American Bicyclists’ Equity Advisory Council, she blogs as Urban Adonia and currently lives in Portland.

November 6, 2013 at Nutcase HQ (2505 SE 11th Ave, 2nd Floor): Recycling and Sustainability for your Home and Office (Facebook event)

Lindsey Maser helps Portland businesses increase recycling and sustainability practices through the City’s Sustainability at Work program. As a certified Master Recycler, Lindsey is happy to answer all of your “what, where, why?” recycling questions. She can also suggest ways to be more water & energy efficient at home or work, and where to find Portland’s best resources for bigger projects, like turning your roof into a garden.

August 2013 meeting – in the park!

The next Portland Society meeting is on August 7, 8am-9am, *outdoors* in the park at Jamison Square (810 NW 11th Ave). Bring a sweater! Coffee and snacks will be served.

(Rain or shine — if the weather is inclement, we’ll head to the Red E Cafe just a couple blocks away at 721 NW 9th Ave).

By popular request, our August meeting will be another free form opportunity to discuss our challenges and changes as professionals. Instead of a presenter, we’ll have extended introductions and a guided discussion. Bonus: We’ll also talk about the future of the Portland Society. How can the Portland Society help you? Bring your needs, ideas, and stickiest issues.

July 2013 meeting – date change!

Because the first Wednesday of July is the day before the holiday, we are holding this month’s meeting on July 10th instead. The meeting is at 8am at Nutcase Helmets (in the Ford Building, 2nd Floor, SE Division and 11th). Coffee and light snacks will be provided. Members and prospective members are welcome to attend.

Our guest this month is Steph Routh, winner of a Portland Society Fund scholarship.

You can read Steph’s bio here. And here is what she has to say about her upcoming presentation:

Self-publishing feels awesome and empowering. Thanks to the Portland Society Fund, Steph was able to participate in the Independent Publishing Resource Center’s Fiction / Creative Nonfiction Certificate Program. The Certificate program focused on writing skills during the first semester and book arts and self-publishing in the second semester. Steph’s final project was her first published zine titled, “How to Move by Bike.” We’ll talk about basics of the process of creating a zine and how awesome it feels, followed by Q&A.

May 2013 meeting

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, May 1st from 8am to 9am at Nutcase Helmets HQ in the Ford Building at SE 11th and Division St, 2nd floor.

As always, prospective members are invited to attend. Coffee and light fare provided. If you would like to pay your dues by check or credit card, you can do so at the event; or you can set up automatic payments here.

Our speaker for this month is Jill Cropp, owner of Studio Cropp Architecture. Cropp will talk about how she made the journey from quitting her day job to building a thriving business in a short period of time.

March evening meeting; April morning meeting

Hi all,
We have TWO meetings coming up. Members and prospective members are welcome (i.e., if you aren’t a member yet you are welcome to come check out a couple meetings before deciding to join):

-Our first-ever evening meeting, by popular request, will be on Thursday, March 21st at 7pm at Velo Cult, 1969 NE 42nd. Be prepared to get up and talk for up to 5 minutes about your relationship with your bicycle … or feel free to just listen the first time around. Beer and other beverages will be available for sale.

- The next regular morning meeting will be from 8-9am on Wednesday, April 3rd at Western Bikeworks, NW 17th and Lovejoy. Coffee and light treats will be provided. Our speaker this month is Rebecca Miller of eWomenNetwork.

March presentation: Secrets of Successful Networkers: How to Make Networking Work for You!
How to maximize your effect, leverage your relationships, and make more income from referrals

Rebecca Miller is a professional speaker and has a business called Rebecca Speaking, where she connects people to the resources they need for personal and business development. Rebecca is also the Managing Director for the Portland Chapter of eWomen Network, a premier women’s business networking group. Her experiences of being a successful stockbroker, leader, and entrepreneur are invaluable in helping others to find and achieve their own personal and professional goals.