News: The Portland Society Fund Committee is proud to announce the winner of the PS National Bike Summit Grant, Carrie Leonard! We believe her presence as a businesswoman, engineer, mom, and invested PS member, will be a significant addition to the Summit, and proudly represent our diverse PS community. We are so excited to share this opportunity with you, Carrie, and know that you will thrive among the giants in DC!

Congratulations & Cheers Carrie!

The Portland Society is a group of professional women who are passionate about bicycling in Portland, Oregon. We work together to support each other through referral, education, and community. We grow our businesses and careers while making Portland a better place to live and ride.

We meet at 8am on the first Wednesday of every month, with alternating locations. For upcoming meeting information and other events, see our latest updates. You can also stay in the loop by joining our Facebook group and our low traffic email listserve.

These are our values:

Community. Our common thread is our love of cycling. Through that we grow diverse professional networks and build friendships.

Networking. Whether you are a business owner, employee, independent contractor, creative
entrepreneur, or student, the Portland Society provides an opportunity to create connections.

Education. Speakers at our monthly meeting explore topics ranging from professional development to cycling.

Shifting Paradigms. By becoming stronger and more effective, we create change.

Inspiration. We rock.

We are women who love to ride bikes and make things happen.

We strive to be fully accessible. Please contact us with your access needs.