We are badass biking babes


We welcome women and transgender folks who are passionate about bicycling, and making Portland a better place to live, work and ride. Through monthly meetings, social rides, education & advocacy initiatives, we cultivate a vibrant community, supporting each other to achieve our personal and professional goals.


Through our love of cycling, we create lasting connections & friendships, cultivating a thriving network capable of enacting positive change in the world.


Inspiration. We love to ride bikes and make things happen. We rule! Come rule with us!

Shifting Paradigms. By helping each other become stronger and more effective, we create change.

Development. We create continuous learning and self improvement through monthly presentations and our annual boot camp.

Community. Through volunteering, advocacy and our National Bike Summit scholarship, we engage and impact our community.

Join Us

Meetings. We meet for an hour the first Wednesday of each month, at 8am, with alternating locations (Ford Building on odd months, the Bike Farm on even months). We enjoy a round robin of introductions, followed by a presentation on one of a variety of topics. You don’t have to be a member to attend. Come try us out for a few meetings. If you like it, we’d love to have you join.

Rides. We ride bikes! Come ride with us. You can find our event schedule here or on our Facebook page.
Annual Boot Camp. Like brainy summer camp in the fall with a dozen of your best girlfriends and lots of time for relaxation and fun. The 2018 Boot Camp is scheduled for Friday, November 9th through Sunday, November 11th.

Board of directors

Ellee Thalheimer
Maria Schur
Momoko Saunders
Kate Walker
Lindsay Kandra
Megan Amberson

Fine print: established in 2010, the Portland Society is a nonprofit business alliance with 501(c)6 status.

Membership Options


  • sliding scale: $6 – $10 – $15 – $20 per month (see link with dropdown below)
  • 10 hours of volunteer work per year – more info here
  • sprout/sage/student discount: members over 60, under 25 or going to school: $25 per year

Payment options